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Wipe file - why and how

I'm writing this article to answer some typical questions that our users usually ask. The evidence of file security problems make people thinking about powerful crypto-systems and security utilities. The problem is that we use protection software and don't understand what it does. I'm not writing another text book about security - I just want to explain how to protect files that we delete. I'm trying to answer the question what is file wipe and how we should use it.

QuickWiper, easy menu: Wipe file or folder

"Wipe file or folder" option of QuickWiper Easy Menu. It allows to wipe any file or folder from your hard disk.

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The first and the most important about wiping

Windows deletion is not secure enough. When you delete files in Windows by moving them into Recycle Bin all the data remain on your hard disk. You don't have to believe my words because you can make sure of it yourself. 

Try to search for some file recovery utilities. Such as R-Undelete or DIY DataRecovery. Then try to recover some file on your hard disk. An ancient information that your hard disk remembers will astonish you. And you can see all this because you did not use wiping. You just put files into Recycle Bin. Or press Shift + Delete on your keyboard. Try to wipe some file with QuickWiper or some other file shredders and then recover it.

What is WIPING

Wiping file is the process of overwriting the space where file located with some information. Different file wiping algorithms exists. Most file shredders allow to select which algorithm you would like to use.

Wiping old files

Our first goal is wiping free disk space, to do impossible the recovering of your sensitive files, which were deleted. 

You can use the free solution - Windows Defragmenter. Run it and defragment all disk space, but some small pieces of files can still remain on your hard disk. So the best solution is using wiping functions for disk space included in file shredders. 

Wipe file everyday

Wiping free disk space takes too much time, so you cannot do it everyday.

The solution for everyday file wipe is QuickWiper. Let me put here some benefits of our product:

- QuickWiper is a user-friendly privacy solution;

- It has integrated system cleaner (for cookies, history, temporary internet files and other);

- You can select select necessary file wiping mode: fast or most reliable.

- Qualitative support which includes on-line manual, user forum and e-mail support. 

QuickWiper is an utility which can wipe files. But I think that the biggest benefit is ability to be user-friendly. It looks like window Recycle Bin. You can wipe file by simple drag-and-drop on QuickWiper's icon.

When you wipe file you do a the same as if you delete file in Window. It is easy and it doesn't complicate our work. That's why users buy our software - they just think that it is a handy solution which wipes files.

Download and ordering

We don't want you to buy QuickWiper right now. Please, download free the 30-day evaluation version first (it doesn't have any functional limitations):   

You can test QuickWiper. Wipe some file and try recover it with you favorite file recovery utility.

If you like our QuickWiper then register it for US$ 29.95: 

Registration benefits:

- registration key for fully-functional version;

- free updates for one-year;

- one-year free technical support via e-mail;

- discounts for our other software;


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