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Wipe hard disk. Wipe hard disk - why and how. My story why I think I should wipe hard disk and what solution I found for this problem

We have released a better wipe free space function in Shred Agent. Read now!

A better wipe free space

Shred Agent utility may be considered as a professional version of QuickWiper.

Shred Agent has a powerful slack space wiping function:

  • With Shred Agent wiping free space is very fast;

  • It's even more secure. Shred Agent suggest to empty Recycle Bin and System Information Folder before wiping;

As a user of QuickWiper you can obtain a good competitive update pricing. More about slack space wipe.

Once I have thought, what information may be restored from my hard drive, if I decide to sell my old computer 

First, it would be my personal documents, my e-mail messages, and my work documents. And I decided, that I do not want it at all. The matter is that all deleted files are being deleted only from the File Allocation Table (FAT), the file system applied in Windows. And the very data is leaving on the drive.

I tried to recover some files myself to be sure it's really possible

I tried, and I could recover the report I have deleted yesterday, three e-mail messages, the temporary “.doc” file and many files which were deleted more than a year ago! 

Just imagine, what may happen, if some guy does the same! So, I really decided that I need the traceless deleting, because many people have access to my PC. 

I looked for the programs, which allow deleting files without ability of their recovery. And found the Norton Quick Sweep. After its usage I tried to recover the files, and some were recovered! Not all of them, but some. Anyway, it did not satisfy me for I do not want to pay my money for programs that don't work. 

I tried many utilities and stopped on the wiping hard disk ability of QuickWiper. So, it really deleted files without recovering ability. I tried special programs to recover data, but they also did not manage! I liked it really.

I may lead in some reasons to use the QuickWiper

So, you are creating the report for your boss, and someone wants to do the same. 

Its creating is rather hard, so, it's valuable for you. And after you have finished your job you have printed it and deleted, and decided to give it to your boss tomorrow. 

But your colleague decided to do the same, he restored the file and printed it, and gave to the boss earlier than you. So, the boss accepted the colleague's stolen report and my appeared to be useless! And you have tried so hard!

Another security case  

You use your job computer to view some web-pages. And the browser leaves many files containing data on what pages you have visited. 

So, you may use the QuickWiper to clear temporary files and cookies. And no one will know what you are doing during the tea brakes!

Business solution

I have offered my boss to use the QuickWiper, and he agreed with my arguments. So, now our company applies the QuickWiper on every computer, and now the users may easily work with their confidential files.

Now I use the QuickWiper in the end of every workday. And I am sure that no one will be able to view my private data. And once a week I use the wipe free space function of QuickWiper to delete all information about files being on my hard drive. And moreover, if I move or copy some files to my computer or from it, I usually apply the QuickWiper to delete the source file. 

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