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Lesson 7

Panic Button or "Hot-Key Runner"

What is Hot-Key Runner?

Hot-Key runner is a utility for quickly wiping fixed files. It is something like "Panic Button". You can click an emergency key and the wiping will start.

Sample of usage

For example you can set the Hot-Key Runner for Temporary files of MS Windows or Temporary Internet Files or other (you can specify any folder or files). 

After keystroke (Control + Shift + D, for example) HK Runner wait for a second and then open QuickWiper and send him autowipe.wfl (file list with fixed files) as a parameter.

As this action was performed with fixed files QuickWiper doesn't show the wiping dialog or progress bar.

Learn more

You can learn more about Hot-Key Runner at it's home page:

Download URL:

Note: that you can use Hot-Key Runner only with QuickWiper!

Note: you can skip any lesson and begin reading the following by clicking "Next->" link. Each lesson describes a separate idea so you will not lose anything. This lesson course contains eight lessons (8) so you will spend just a 10 minutes reading but after reading all the eight lesson you will know how to wipe files, wipe free disk space, clear IE history, temporary files and cache. Lessons also have information about wiping algorithms, such as NSA erasure and common tips and tricks for using QuickWiper.

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