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QuickWiper Cleans Your files Securely

AKS-Labs has released v 7.8 of QuickWiper, a Windows 98/95/2000/XP security program. If you are worried about coworkers going to recover files, remember - simple deletion is not secure enough because anybody can recover your sensitive files.

QuickWiper lets you to delete files with simplicity and ease. You can choose a fast single pass, or the most secure NSA erasure algorithm.

QuickWiper has a unique Secure Folder option. Using it and using the Wipe Free Space function will prevent recovering of any temporary or swap files.

With QuickWiper you should not change your habits. You can right-click a folder or simply drag-and-drop files to run QuickWiper and begin wiping.

For Internet Explorerís users, QuickWiper includes a System Clear option. Just one click to delete cookies, history, cache, temporary files and typed URLs (it's special registry entries that cannot be deleted manually).

QuickWiper supports running with command line parameters. Such a feature lets you create a hot key for emergency wiping. For that purpose, you can also use Hot-Key Runner - an add-on program for QuickWiper.

QuickWiper costs $29.95 (US) (personal license) and is available from



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QuickWiper 7.8

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