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Securely Erase Hard disk Data with QuickWiper

A better wipe free space

Shred Agent utility may be considered as a professional version of QuickWiper.

Shred Agent has a powerful free space wiping function:

  • With Shred Agent wiping free space is very fast;

  • It's even more secure. Shred Agent suggest to empty Recycle Bin and System Information Folder before wiping;

As a user of QuickWiper you can obtain a good competitive update pricing. More about wipe free space.

We have released a better wipe free space function in Shred Agent. Read now!

QuickWiper is the best erasing hard disk utility you need to securely erase, delete and clean all traces of your activity on your computer. You can have many reasons for deleting, wiping or erasing hard disk portions, even if you didnít mind about it so far: computer is being rented and it will be returned possibly with your private information you donít want to disclose, you could donate your old computer, you could give your computer to friend for a while, your computer could be stolen or even seized, may be your company regularly inspects your workstation on weekends (or, maybe parents?). These and many other reason are why it is so important for cleaning and erasing hard dive.

In any such case the information, which can tell much about you personally and your activities, could be accessed by anyone else if you do not take the steps for erasing hard disk. You even deleted all data you have noticed could be sensitive, but it still could be there, on hard disk, in the form of temporary files, as some strings in configuration files or in registry, and even in the form of magnetism of storage media you have surely forgotten about. Donít give anyone a chance to discredit you Ė use QuickWiper for erasing hard disk!

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