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Can A FREE Track Eraser do the job? QuickWiper can

Download evaluation version of QuickWiper that can clear your tracks within system.

Purchase QuickWiper file shredder and disk wipe utility

Many of the programs that call themselves a free track eraser do a rather poor and insufficient job as tracks remover or cleaner utilities. QuickWiper is quite thorough and dependable and the absolute best product of it's kind we tested out of almost two dozens competitors. QuickWiper offers a free trial so give it's free track eraser capability a run.

Your History, favorite's folders and private information : passwords, credit card numbers, social security number etc. ; can expose a lot of your private information that you would like to protect. Also, Personal interests sites, banking information, stocks you monitor on line bidding, and auctions you are tracking, your surfing habits both on and off the web. this information can be available to any one who opens your favorite and history folders, be he/she a relative, coworker or some one passing by. Use a free track eraser like QuickWiper and their free trial to make sure this sensitive information is gone.

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