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How You Can Get A FREE Space Wipe

A better wipe free space

Shred Agent utility may be considered as a professional version of QuickWiper.

Shred Agent has a powerful free space wiping function:

  • With Shred Agent wiping free space is very fast;

  • It's even more secure. Shred Agent suggest to empty Recycle Bin and System Information Folder before wiping;

As a user of QuickWiper you can obtain a good competitive update pricing. More about wipe free space.

We have released a better wipe free space function in Shred Agent. Read now!

Cover your tracks by securely deleting files with a free space wipe by QuickWiper. Have you ever wanted to delete files and sensitive documents securely beyond being recovered by off the shelf undelete or forensic software? If so, a free space wipe by QuickWiper is the answer. When files are deleted and emptied from the recycle bin they are not truly removed from the hard disk. The files can easily be recovered by data recovery software. Give QuickWiper's free space wipe a whirl.

You would need to purchase almost a dozen different or separate programs just to take the place of this one phenomenal utility. Not only will you save a bunch of money by purchasing QuickWiper, but you will be getting a far superior product compared to anything else on the market today. Don't believe me? Take up their offer of a free trial and give yourself a free space wipe today.


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