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How To Get A Free Disk Wipe

A better wipe free space

Shred Agent utility may be considered as a professional version of QuickWiper.

Shred Agent has a powerful free space wiping function:

  • With Shred Agent wiping free space is very fast;

  • It's even more secure. Shred Agent suggest to empty Recycle Bin and System Information Folder before wiping;

As a user of QuickWiper you can obtain a good competitive update pricing. More about wipe free space.

We have released a better wipe free space function in Shred Agent. Read now!

Why a free disk wipe? You don't leave your secrets on your old HDD (hard disk). Don't forget to erase your Emails, Internet History and Cache, Contact data, Financial data, Trade Secrets or just private files you want to get rid of. QuickWiper offers a free trial so that you give it a good test and run a free disk wipe.

Just run QuickWiper (their trial gives you a free disk wipe) and select area of your hard disk: whole partition, whole hard disk or free space only and start the wiping process. You can feel certain that all personal information is eliminated. When specified, Disk Wiper erases all data including partitions, folders, directories, files, file tables, dynamic disk overlays and master boot record information (the latter two options - if erasing hard disk is specified). It erases all viruses including master boot sector viruses (if erasing hard disk is specified).


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