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Does BC Wipe Have Any Competition?

A short comparative analysis of BC Wipe and QuickWiper. Learn what are these tools for, what utility is for your needs. 

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As the computer tends to manage more and more aspects of modern life and virtual reality is getting more real with every day,  the comparative analysis of QuickWiper and BCWipe tools designed to grant secure file deletion as well as to erase all unnecessary tracks, caches, and cookies (the latter performed by QuickWiper only) is offered below.

In the following table find the results of comparative analysis :

Functions Price, USD$
QuickWiper Several modes of security, wipe files, wipe free space. Wiping IE traces, cookies, and caches. Cleans files from the disk and IE tracks. 29,95$

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BCWipe Wipe files, wipe free space. No clearing for browsers. 39,95

Noone likes leaving tracks, which is a computer-related thing, too. Of course, a PC ace would be invisible, but what can an ordinary PC user do to avoid being seen in the net? 

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There is a common problem with the records on the PC that can still be read by someone after they are deleted. Is there a solution for it?

There have been invented several programs lately that can tackle this problem and BCWipe and QuickWiper are one of them.


BCWipe UtilityOf course, business security is of great importance. One really needs a utility, which could keep all the necessary information as safe as possible. Both - BCWipe and QuickWiper offers several security modes that could meet the highest expectations of a customer. The more serious information is stored on the disk, the more complicated and secure NSA erasure algorithms can be implemented to destroy it completely.

Apart from complete elimination of files and folders, QuickWiper removes Internet steps as well. So no one would see which web sites were visited. And it is again a strong advantage of this very application, for BCWipe doesnít have this option. Not only does QuickWiper erase the tracks but it also cleans up the Internet cookies and caches from the PC, like anti-virus programs. The PC needs regular clean up, and as it wipes the free disk space as well, it will be the right solution to use QuickWiper as a means of computer maintenance. Fast and efficient PC operation is certainly important, isnít it.

User Interface

QuickWiper utilityThe QuickWiper utility is very easy to operate. No matter how great the number of tracks could be, they will be deleted in one click. This application can be configured so that the files, which are subject to be destroyed, will be erased on keystroke. An emergency key can be programmed so that if pressed on, the wiping process will be started. This operation is called Hot-Key Runner, which is in function very similar to a Panic Button. There surely might arise a situation when emergency wiping could be essential, so this unique feature is available with QuickWiper.

The utility has a nice-looking design with pretty pictures, which is very convenient for everyone including kids and teenagers who make the significant part of the customers.

Purchase decision

QuickWiper can be downloaded right from the site. When purchased, it is cheaper than BCWipe. QuickWiper lessons can be a great idea for those who never encountered such a utility before. Step by step, the customer will learn how to operate this tool most efficiently. On-line forum as well as forum archive is also available on the Home-Page of this application. 

  • Special 10% discount. Readers of this review can Buy QuickWiper for 26,95$


So after all, isnít this utility an ideal solution for home and office computers? It grants security and clears the PC, it is quite cheap and convenient, fast and easily operated. Surely, the majority of those interested in such utilities are business people who can be quite thrifty when it concerns their money.  

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