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Wipe free disk space with QuickWiper

QuickWiper Newsletter - Issue 2, December 20, 2004  

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In this issue you will find:

1)      Wipe free disk space with QuickWiper

2)      AKS-Labs News

Wipe free disk space with QuickWiper

What is wipe free space

Wipe free space is an wiping operation that ensures deleted files to be unrecoverable. If you ever deleted files with simple Delete (or Shift + Delete) then you probably can recover it with some file recovery utility. Wiping free space allows to prevent this recovery.

How does wiping works

The wipe program will run and overwrite all the free space on your hard disk with random information. So all your deleted files will be overwritten with some random data.

If wiping free space is safe?

It depends on what wiping utility you do use. If you use QuickWiper then the safe overwriting method was released in this program. Meaning, QuickWiper creates a large temporary file that takes all your free disk space.

I wiped free space and still can recover all files!

Be sure you have closed all file protection utilities and their agents before wiping. For instance, you will not be able to do a safe free space wiping if you have Norton Protection installed or something similar.

How can I wipe free disk space with QuickWiper?

Itís simple, you just should click a wipe free space button. For more information, please, visit  

Strategy2Act release

AKS-Labs has released a version 1.2 of Strategy2Act software. Strategy2Act is a Windows program that supports a balanced score card conception to connect strategy to action. 

Strategy2Act is a balanced score card (BSC) support software. It was designed to help building balanced score card. 

Balanced Scorecard is a conception that transforms strategy to action. Balanced Scorecard is a set of principles that facilitate the understanding of business strategy and goals. BSC is a methodology that converts strategy into real action. 

Strategy2Act software is a tool that supports building a Balanced Scorecard system for a company, department or for a sole person. This program helps to build a system that will make it easy to go from strategy to action.
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