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QuickWiper - Frequently Asked Questions


What wipe word means?

“Wipe” word means deleting file so they could never be undeleted or recovered. Note: simple Windows deletion doesn’t wipe your file (even if you press shift + del).


What is better, QuickWiper or Shred Agent?

Both programs are different in functionality. Let me explain: Shred Agent - it's a program that running automatically when Windows starts (you can find it in your system tray) and makes deletion secure and prevents information leakages in real time. So it's not required for you to monitor each file that you delete - Shred Agent doing it in automatic mode.

QuickWiper - it is a program that help you to wipe and make impossible to recover already deleted files and protect your privacy by clearing in one click Internet Explorer's cookies, history, cache records and typed URLs, temporary and recent files.

Both programs have such feature as "wipe free disk space". It means that free space on your hard disk drive will be wiped and it makes impossible to recover any previously deleted file it's not depend if it was deleted yesterday or months ago. Also, I can say that Shred Agent uses a more reliable wipe free space algorithm, than QuickWiper.


If I can un-delete wiped file?

No, it's impossible. So please, be careful when wiping files.


What is wipe free space option?

This function overwrites all previously deleted files. 

You should use it for two reasons:

n      To wipe previous deleted files. You had been deleting files before you have started using QuickWiper;

n      To wipe temporary files. Some programs (such as MS Office) create temporary files, which contain your sensitive information. The program deletes such a files and you cannot point QuickWiper to delete it.  - Use wipe free space.

Files are still recoverable after wipe free space, what the problem might be?

There might be two reasons of the problem:

1) You have some file protected utility running (for instance, Norton Recycle Protection);

2) Close all programs that might access hard disk while wiping;

Make sure you are not running any file recovery service while wiping process. For instance, if you have Norton recycle protection installed the you will not be able to wipe files or free space correctly.

When QuickWiper wipes free space it creates large temporary file that places it's information on free space occupied by deleted files.


If wipe free space function can do any harm?

No, as it overwrites only previously deleted files and use safe way to do this. 


If I lost my registration code for QuickWiper


There is a key code recovery form available at our support page. You will need to enter your email address to recover key code.

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